Barrister Bookcases Ideas You Had No Idea About!

Barrister bookcases – Where to store our books? What is the ideal library? From the wall library (if space is not lacking and the book is king) to the library under the stairs to save space, book storage becomes a real pleasure.  To highlight our books, we must find them a place of choice, and a library that is both functional and original that paces our interior.

In the bedroom, in the living room or in a separate room, the library is everywhere. So just ask ourselves what are our reading habits: do we like to read by the fire the last book of Jean d’Ormesson? In this case, the library has its place in the living room. Do we prefer to curl up in bed and laugh in front of Riad Sattouf’s latest comic before we sleep? The library will then be better in the room, near the bed. For the rest, everything is a question of organization.

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How to have a functional library? We all remember the massive wooden bookcase of our parents and / or grandparents. At the head of the bed, under the bench, in a corner, the library becomes an object that makes life easier and takes up no more space unnecessarily (especially if the apartment is small).

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