Build A Wooden Wardrobe Closet Organizer

Closet organizer – Keeping everything square away in the closet can be quite a hassle when you are limited with space. Take advantage of each square centimeter by assembling a wooden wardrobe organizer, giving everything its place to fit. There are several expensive models on the market. But with some basic necessities, you can build your own wooden wardrobe organizer to suit your needs. To build it, starting with measure the width and height of your wardrobe. Trying to build the organizer directly into the closet will offer greater stability.

But may prove to be exceptionally difficult during the process. Second, build the closet organizer ideas as if it were a regular shelf. With wide, thin slabs like the part standing up with horizontal boards crossing, creating shelves. You might want to tie these two vertical boards together by nailing a piece of plywood on board each to form a back. This will provide increased stability when the unit is standing. Third, attach horizontal shelves between the two vertical support panels. Alter the space between the shelves.

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So that you have plenty of room for large items. Such as boots or large drawers containing various items. Fourth, place a metal or plastic rod that runs horizontally near the top of the unit. This will serve as a place to hang jackets or other heavy clothes on a hanger. Make sure that this bar is robust and well-installed as it can be fitted with a lot of weight. Last, hang a curtain from the top of the unit so that the diy closet organizer can be hidden, giving an attractive surface. Which will also help you keep the items in the organizer segregated from other items you have stored in your wardrobe.

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