Cube Bookcases Plan Ideas

You can place the cube bookcases against a wall or use it to separate a room while allowing view through the shelving unit. This type of shelving gives a feeling of open space. However, it can also contain incredible volumes of storage if packed completely full. Books, vinyl records and other media are excellent items for storage in cube shelves. Make four ½ by 12 by 37 plywood boards ½ -inch in the shape of a square, with each board head-butted against another to offset the frame tables of the shelf unit. Use an assistant and support each board on its long, thin side so the dimensions of the square are 38 inches in length and height.

Drill three holes through each board and at the end of the board that hits against it for a total of 12 holes. Fix the 2-inch wood screws through the holes and tighten securely. Place two ½ by 12 by 37-inch plywood boards inside the weft, parallel to each other and spaced evenly within the frame. Keep them upright with the help of an assistant and drill three holes on each end of each board. Drill through the frame joints in the process and do 12 holes.

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Place the cube shelf unit vertically. Position a plywood shelf panel 2 by 12 by 12 inch 1 inside the shelving unit in the desired location. Use a pencil or other tool to make marks on the side tables on each end of the shelf plate. Remove the shelf plate and drill two holes in each side board with marks, directly above the level of marks. Set pegs in each of the holes. Balance the shelf panel on top of the pegs and repeat as needed for additional shelves throughout the unit.

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