Design Of Windows Curtains

Windows curtains can serve as the focal point of a room or they can be discreet and frame a silent window. Proper draperies can also help correct an architectural defect. Such as a strangely placed window or a window that is an unconventional shape. Considering all the unusual architectural elements in the room, in addition to following the basic principles of design. It can result in simple curtain panels with well-planned decorative touches to compete with any custom curtains created.

Decide on a color scheme. To choose a color of the fabric, evaluate the room where the curtains are hung. The use of a fabric of the same color as a bold accent color found throughout the room can create a dramatic focal point. While the choice of a neutral color can blend with the wall and soften the background. Focus on personal style. Design curtains reflect personal taste, in a manner consistent with the architecture and period of the house.

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Consider the environment of the room. The type of fabric can highlight the general mood. Linen, denim cotton or draperies provide an informal atmosphere, while silk creates an elegant feel. Determine the length of the curtains. The curtains can be hung directly above a window or can be extended from the ceiling to the floor if the room is formal. Measure the curtain rod to where the curtains will hit the floor and add 18 inches to determine the length of each panel.

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