Etageres Bookcases Design Ideas

Etageres bookcases – Shelves require supports to support the weight of heavy books. Support are L-shaped and are installed under the shelf on the back of the bookshelf. By using the back of the shelf for strength. It supports act as an arm to hold the weight of the platform and the elements on top of it. Libraries with cheaper table stands cannot be used supports unless the stand is installed against the legs of the bookshelf.

The legs of a bookshelf sit on each side, the shelves close. Then legs should be as long as the back and often a few inches longer to act as the agents on which the shelf is placed. The legs should be made of a sturdy wood, such as oak or veneered wood. Softer woods like pine can work in the short term. But the load of a pine shelf with many heavy books could compromise the strength of your shelf.

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The shelves, roof and floor of your bookcase are all cut to the same length and connected from one leg to the other. The shelves are screwed in the legs and should be made of the same hard wood as the legs are made. It is important to install shelves with equal strength in both legs to prevent the platform from titling. The builder should take into account the height of the items that go on his shelf. And then to make sure he leaves enough space between each shelf to fit the items comfortably.

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