Ideas Of Covering Wall Decor For Bedroom

Wall Decor For Bedroom – Decoration schemes can cover many architectural problems, including rooms with walls that feel too long. Long walls make a room look like a corridor. Use decorating tricks favored by designers to visually break down the wall until your room feels more like a room and less like a hallway.

Use of colors to minimize the length of the longest walls. Libby Norman recommends in “Decorate your house with color” using a paler tone on the longer walls of the room and a darker tone on the shorter walls. The pale color appears to recede while the darker tones on the shorter walls attract the look. The room will look wider than this effect. Reduce the size of a long wall by placing extra large furniture along with it. Set a bed parallel to the long wall and against it instead of the more traditional placement of the perpendicular to the wall. Large chairs or shelves high against the wall breaks the space and make it look shorter. Large pieces of furniture that fill the empty spaces along a wall can make the wall look longer.

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If it is a window along one of the longer walls, use it to your advantage to make the wall appear shorter. Use extra large valances and long curtains on the window to make the window look bigger and the wall smaller. Bold fabric designs for window treatments attract the look towards the window instead of the length of the wall. Choose to strongly contrast window coverings to maximize this effect.

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