Inexpensive Bookcases Wall Decor

Inexpensive bookcases – Many people enjoy the look of built-in bookshelves. However, installing such a shelf in an existing wall is often a titanic task. The depth of 6 inches or less for most of the interior walls. And the placement of wall studs, cables, and pipes throughout the make-up of the wall work shelves difficult to install in existing homes. Many homeowners and carpenters overlook this complicated task by expanding the shelves off the wall surface. And completely covering the wall with floor to ceiling shelving.

Determine the installation location of the shelves on the wall. And buy enough panel board to cover the space and enough wood to frame the shelves and install all parts of the shelf. Buy boards at a length that matches the maximum width of the platform you will be using, or the height of the shelf you are building.

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Paint or stain the panel board you purchased for the back of the shelves. Allow the liner to dry overnight. And then attach it to the wall with tiny nail tacks. Match stitching up as close as possible to hiding them from view. Installation of vertical parts of the shelving first. Windows of frames and doors with shelves to make the illusion of a shelf on the wall more realistic and make them look more like shelves built into the shelves for books that pushed against the wall. Drive the nails on the back of each piece and on the wall at an angle.

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