Shoes Closet Shelf Organizer: It’s Quickly!

Closet shelf organizer – The shoes, we accumulate them … And we do not know where or how to put them away. It quickly becomes the bazaar! Especially when you have no place at home … Fortunately, there are practical tips for storing your shoes. Do not worry, no need to make complicated furniture! As you know, the way you will store your precious pair of shoes or sneakers will determine how long you can enjoy it. Better rows, they will make you happy longer.

Conversely, if you do not have a good method of organizing and maintaining your collection, it may deteriorate very quickly. To choose a type of storage for your shoes, start by determining what is your preferred method of organization. The pairs you have purchased can be placed on multi-level shelves in your cabinet or in boxes. It is also possible to put them in a cabinet with drawers or on bars, fixed on a vertical surface.

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If you have trouble deciding, gather all your shoes collection (summer, winter, for evenings and outings every day …) and sort out starting with the different models and sizes, in going through the height and finishing with the color. Then set aside the pairs you wear most often and think of reserving them a special and easily accessible place.

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