Tips To Make Toddlers Bookcases

Toddlers bookcases are a great way to bring books to your child’s life and to introduce them to reading. With their own bookshelf, kids will have a central place to keep stories and books they love, and you will be able to fill it with the books your children. A bookshelf can be made at home with a few important materials and tools that are available around most households

You need:

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Cut two 48 inches with 12 inch length of plywood from the bottom end of the plywood plate. These will be the sides of the toddler’s bookcases. Place the rest of the plywood sheet over the workbench so that you stand at the foot of the board with the four foot edge closest to you. Measure up 40 inches from the bottom of the plywood sheet. Cut this piece of wood into four 12 inch wide, 40 cm long pieces of plywood.

Measure another 40 inches with 12 inch piece of wood. And cut this piece out, making sure the edges are square before cutting. Kid bookcases will leave an “L” shaped piece of plywood from the original board which is 20 inches by 48 inches with a small 8 inch by 12 inch foot reaching from one side. And Cut off the bottom of “L” so you have a 40 inch with 20 inch piece of plywood and an 8 inch. 8 inches with 32 inch piece of plywood in four 8 inch 8 inch squares. These are the corner stabilizers.

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