Wood French Doors Ideas

Wood French doors for Access a porch or sunroom from within your home can mean more than just a regular front door. Moving doors often blur the difference between inside and outside and create a flow that calls you to enjoy what nature has to offer. Several types of moving doors increase the light factor and allow you to expand the view.

French doors

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A wood French doors frame enclosing several glazing lengths and the width of the door is known as a French door. The door is hinge on one side and opens into the interior. Double doors of this type are very popular as porches or patio doors. Double doors are suspended on the sides and open in the middle. Modern doors can have a single glass pane with removable grilles that make the glass look like it has individual squares. French doors give a classic, traditional look.

Sliding patio doors

The most productive of patio doors is the sliding door. An aluminum track supports large frame glass panels. The entire panel slides on the track to open and close, providing a single width of the passage panel. Either side slides on the tracks. Modern wood French doors framed panels as well as the most common metal ones. Some come with grids, elusive individual squares in a classic style.

Atrium doors differ from French doors in the rather than open in the middle and are hinged on the sides. This function allows the light of a double window to shine through without taking up space a second working door would take. Atrium door frames come in wood and vinyl or aluminum-clad wood. They are also available in several styles.

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