Wooden Curtain Rods Design

Wooden curtain rods – Home improvement stores have all the supplies you need to make the wood curtain rods from the pegs, for a fraction of the cost of a couple of commercial bars. Unadorned pegs are fine for rustic spaces, but you can add bar lids for a more finished look. Lightweight curtains are thinly covered over dowels with a diameter of 1/2 inch, but heavier curtains require pegs with a diameter of 1 inch to prevent tipping or dropping. A layer of paint will trick your friends into thinking that we throw away expensive accessories for the treatment of the window.

Measure your window frame. Add a few inches to your measure, so your rods will extend beyond the sides of the window. Mark the length of the pins with a pencil. Cut the pins to the correct length. Look for lids for bars that fit the diameter of the studs. Drop a drop of wood glue on the ends of the spikes. Place the plugs on the ends of the spikes. Wipe off any excess glue. Let the glue dries.

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Put a piece of cloth in a well-ventilated place, preferably outdoors. Place the curtain rods on the protective fabric. Shake a can of spray paint. Spray the curtain rods with a slow, back and forth movement. Apply a thin and even coat of paint. Let the paint dry. Turn the bars one and paint the other side. Apply a second coat of paint on both sides, allowing the spray paint to dry between applications.

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